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Removing existing flooring products (carpet, tile, vinyl, wood) and staining the concrete is defined as a remodel.  Remodels require additional labor, procedures, time and materials.  These are defined below and will be factored into the Bid/Proposal.  Any service or procedure not listed in the Bid/Proposal is the responsibility of the client or their subcontractor.  Furthermore, additional issues may go undiscovered until the existing flooring is removed.  Additional work will require additional charges.

Included in Every Bid

  • Protection of walls and non-stained areas
  • Mechanically and chemically stripping concrete
  • Preparing concrete to accept stain
  • Fumes and odors
  • Patches-texture vs coloring
  • Faux painting to camouflage as necessary

Additional Considerations

  • Moving furniture
  • Removal and disposal of existing floor covering
  • Paint touch up
  • Installing trim and moulding
  • Transitions
  • Cleanup/hiring a cleaning service